Our Training Process

The Heeling Allies Training Program

The Heeling Allies training program is a one-year program wherein Heeling Allies clients learn to integrate the care, companionship, and working partnership with their mental health service dog, with evidence-based psychotherapeutic practices.

Once paired, the mental health service dog and client will journey as partners through the Heeling Allies training program, and beyond.

The Heeling Allies team training program begins with a sixteen-day intensive team training, and the year progresses three additional trainings. A three-six day training, two months after initial placement. A three-six day training six months after initial placement. And finally a three-six day training at the one year mark.

The Heeling Allies training program involves the participation of the mental health service dog recipient’s family, as well as the healthcare team of the recipient (i.e. psychiatrist, psychologist, counselor, etc.). Support of family and friends is critical, as the team will require their encouragement, during all phases of the program, and beyond. Healthcare practitioners also play a key role in the immediate and long-term success of the team. Heeling Allies will collaborate with healthcare providers regularly, during the program, to ensure the healthcare provider is equipped to support the team ongoingly.

Heeling Allies is a complete training program. Our dogs are full-fledged service dogs before they begin team training with our clients; and our clients participate in our entire team training program before the dogs placement is finalized.

Thank you for your interest in our program! Heeling Allies is not currently accepting new client applications. The most reputable resources for persons interested in teaming up with a service dog are Assistance Dogs International (ADI) and the International Association of Assistance Dog Partners (IAADP). Please visit the websites of ADI and IAADP for more information. Visit heelingalliesproject.org to see what the Heeling Allies team is up to now.